Earning Trust Everyday

Life At Attivo

Finding balance in the numbers.


Attivo Workstyle

Attivo is a fast-paced, highly collaborative and growth-focused environment. We are quick learners, adapters and always looking for new challenges. Our team works hard to support each member with the work in front of them and help colleagues grow to the next level of their career. We are focused on our clients, our team and on ensuring that people have the tools and experiences necessary to practice accounting and finance leadership at the highest level.

Growth Through Experience

You’ll learn more through 2 years of consulting with Attivo than through 6 years in a steady accounting job. Employees will get opportunities to build financial models, implement accounting systems, issue financial statements, develop cash forecasts and close the books; all across a wide array of industries and team contexts. Because Attivo focuses on working with high-growth, venture-backed technology startups, team members will get to work with fast-moving, interesting companies and receive significant exposure to the startup environment from Series Seed to C. This variety of experiences allows employees to meaningfully diversify their portfolio at a faster pace than the traditional accounting career pathway.

Mentorship and Development

We believe that the best way to develop phenomenal people is to give them opportunities to grow and to actively help them hone their professional skills. At Attivo we put a strong emphasis on mentorship and development in order to help bring you along in your career. As a new employee, you will be assigned a senior leader to work with you on an ongoing basis to make sure that you meet your professional development goals, whether that’s to deepen your current skill set or prepare for a move to the next level of accounting leadership.

“At Attivo I’m constantly being challenged to find creative solutions to new problems that arise in the startups I work with. On a daily basis I'm working with smart, creative entrepreneurs who are disrupting their industries. It’s exciting to be part of that process and provide crucial advice to help these companies succeed.”

-Shaun, VP of Finance


At the Cutting Edge

At Attivo you’ll work alongside some of the most exciting startups locally and internationally. We work with high-growth startups ranging from Seed to Series C in a multitude of industry contexts. From leading innovators in the A.I. space to companies focused on effecting social change, our diverse client portfolio allows for constant learning and exposure to a variety of people and professional experience. We’re never bored! By working at the cutting edge of finance and accounting, you’ll build a great portfolio of work that will set you up for the rest of your career.

Diverse Team

You’ll be working alongside a talented, experienced and diverse team. From accountants to CFOs, our team holds a wide variety of experiences in work, education and life. By learning from a team with a wide range of industry experience, you’ll be exposed to unique perspectives on finance and accounting that will enhance your skill set.